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4th February Saturday Post! 2023!

Hello everybody! Arshiya here, welcome to the first Saturday post ever! I hope you will enjoy the Saturday posts! This week's question of the week is hidden in the article. Have fun!

Quote Of the Week!

When nothing goes right, go left.

Weekly Challenge

Write about how you organise your life! It can be calendars, planners, post-its or even leaving thing to memory! Some questions to help you if you're stuck:

  1. How do you organise your life?

  2. Does the way you currently organise your life help you?

  3. Do you have any other goals? (In general)

Just remember! By completing the weekly challenge, you can earn the badge for this week!

Discussion Time!

The topic for this week's discussion is studying! You can discuss anything about it! Make sure to follow the forum rules if you're going to be posting there! If not, you can use this post's comments to help you!


Since this is the first Saturday Post, I've decided to include a bonus challenge! One challenge is to read a book before the next Saturday Post is posted!

Book section! This week's book section is all about series!

Books are super interesting, and fun to read! But what are series? Series are a group of books that belong in the same universe, or in the same world. Each world has different character, and different places. The world could be fictional, or it could be Earth except with different people.

Different worlds are important, and each book has a different world, apart from series. Series are based off of the same world, which is amazing if you like the world and want more content.

Question Of the Week: What number of books in a series do you think is _____?

  1. Perfect

  2. Too Much

  3. Too Little

Let me know in the comments!

That's it for this week's book section, I hope you enjoy!

Writing section!

In this week's writing section, we're going to look into character's backpacks, and how you can make your character's backpack!

A character's backpack can describe their personality, and their personality should reflect in their backpack. For example, if your character is usually messy and they are let's say, a witch, their backpack should reflect that.

Continuing from the earlier example, I will make sure my character has all the things below. Thank you to the original creator of this image on Pinterest.

This pack is interesting, because it is old-timey, and it will suit my character well.

Making sure your character is well prepared is important, unless it's not in their character. Try to think of all the things that can go into the backpack of your character!

Make sure you also don't include too much! You shouldn't be giving your character every single thing, but overall, it's your choice.

That's it for this week's writing section, I hope you enjoyed!

Around the world!

The world is a huge place, so each week we will look a little bit at a certain place in the world, feel free to share your thoughts in the forums and comments!

Place of interest: London

London is a huge city, but it's very interesting! It has lots of schools, offices and it's a growing city! It's chilly most of the year, but it's a great place to visit and stay!

London is also commonly known for Buckingham palace, the home of the royal family of England. London has a lot of cool universities, including Oxford University.

Tell me about your knowledge about London in the forums!

Study Tips!

This week's study tip is simple! It is to take notes about every important lesson. The notes can be less, but they should summarise the lesson. You can take notes during the lesson, but after the school day, during study sessions, rewrite your notes to a higher level and include extra information you find during your study session, so you are doing extra studying while revising the previous lesson!

You can use seperate notebooks for each subject, or one notebook for all subjects. I recommend loose-leaf notebooks, so you can put handouts in your notebook very easily.

Bye! I hope you enjoyed this Saturday's post!

Stay tuned for more Saturday Posts. Please consider following! Goodbye everyone! See you all next time!

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