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The Concept of Libraries and How Genius They Actually Are

Hello everyone! Today's post is a quick read. Today, I'm going to be talking about libraries, and how genius they are. Libraries are basically a place where you can borrow books for a limited period of time. You can borrow them for about 3 weeks in a normal NLB Library in Singapore. If you renew them using the app, you can borrow them for a total of 6 weeks. If you don't want to borrow any books, but still want to read them, you can read them (and study) at the library itself.

Most people study at libraries because it gives them a sort of 'Motivating Peer Pressure', which can help them to get things done. If you're working at home, you can easily just start playing games or talk to a friend. When you're at a library, you can't talk to friends, and you'll feel more motivated to get things done.

Do you study at libraries?

  • Yes!

  • No!

  • I'll start!

  • I used to!

Libraries are essentially a warehouse of books, where anyone can borrow any book for a certain period of time. Here in Singapore, you can borrow up to 16 books simultaneously with a basic library card.

Having a deadline of return also can help motivate you to read the book, or study it. If you don't meet the deadline, you can feel guilty and you can also feel that it was a waste of time to borrow the book.

Now, it's time to discuss! Share your thoughts about libraries in the forums! Have fun everyone, and see you all next time!

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