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Using Notion for School

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break until this new post. Today, I'll be talking about Notion and how you can use it for school!

Recently, I've been into bullet journaling and Notion. We will cover bullet journaling in another post. Notion is essentially an all-in-one workspace for your life. Recently, I've been using Notion for school. It has helped me stay very organised! Here, I will explain everything Notion can do to help a student!

Part 1 - Taking Notes

In Notion, we can take notes and make our own Wiki. You can create databases to grow your notes, and they're so easily accesible! With databases, you'll have a separate page for each time you create a new note. You can go so in depth!

Part 2 - Free Premium!

Using Notion for school gets you a free premium (only if you use your school email). Notion has created a full tutorial to getting your free premium! Check it out on their YouTube! I used Notion to draft this post and organise all of my posts in one place. It's so awesome, and I'm definitely using it in the future!

Part 3 - Notion for Journaling

You can do so much if you journal with Notion! For me, I do a 'weekly page' on Notion, with all my projects, to do lists, deadlines and questions I ask myself each week! An example for deadlines is, I wrote a certain deadline in a database, I can see that deadline on a calendar view in the database, so I always know what's due and when.

Part 4 - Notion for Revising

With the toggles, you can revise so much on Notion! You can ask yourself questions, and check your answers. You can write your notes in an engaging format, add questions, diagrams and then when it comes to revising, it's so easy!!

Part 5 - Concluding

There's so much you can do with Notion! If you're interested, make sure to check out a few tutorials on YouTube! Like the post if you enjoyed it! I'll be making more Notion content, so make sure to create an account and follow my posts.

Post your Notion pages in the Forums!

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