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Welcome 🎉

Hello everyone! Welcome to Arshiya's Aroma. My name is Arshiya. Here's a bit about me!

My interests

I have a lot of interests, like reading, writing and blogging! I also love making YouTube videos, I find it fun for me and I love it when people enjoy my content! I aspire to write my own novel.

My Birthday

I am born in April. I am an April Aries. I was born in the year 2011, which is the year of the rabbit. As of 4th February 2023, I am 11 years old. I will be turning 12 this April.


Although I love many books, the universe I was most recently in was the Grishaverse! The Grishaverse is a universe by Leigh Bardugo, with 3 main series in it. There are so many other books which I really enjoy!


Organisation is a big part of my life, and I love being organised! It's hard to do anything without organisation. If you are a person who wants to get organised, click the below link to check out Google Calendar. It's a very common (and free) calendar and planner. There are so many cool features! On the menu on the right-hand side, there are notes and task features that Google has made, that also works on its own.

Click the below button to check out Google Calendar!

About the new Arshiya's Aroma

In these posts, that I will be posting every Saturday, I will include a lot of information! Including what I've learned, about the world, a weekly book recommendation and more! So, make sure to follow and check out my blog every week! I will also be using the email campaign to alert you when I post something new, and to tell you a little bit about the post!

I hope you enjoy this week's post, which is coming this Saturday!

Goodbye everyone!

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